Hi again,

I updated FDAPM again. Changed since 15jul: IDLEDPMS is
now smaller in RAM (< 1/2 kb) and avoids double-loading.
If you try to load it twice, you get a message. There
is also a tiny change in VBE/PM handling.

Of course there are also the old news from 15jul: Fixed
the stats used for "CPU was idle for ... of the time"
display and added a new tool IDLEDPMS, which is a small
(1 kb file) but effective DPMS screen saver. The screen
saver detects Windows3 and "games with own keyboard IRQ
handler" to avoid "saving" at the wrong time.

Enjoy :-). Eric

> www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/fdapm-2007jul17.zip

> PS: You cannot change the timeout or unload idledpms
> after you load it, it is too simple for that :-).

PPS: If VBE/PM is supported, only VBE/PM is accessed. Otherwise,
VGA BIOS function int 10.12/bl=36 is used if VGA, and registers
3c4/5.1 "and d0 or 0/20" and 3d4/5.17 (or 3b4/5.17) MSB are used.
EGA install check is int 10.12/bl=10, VGA check is int 10.1a00.
VBE/PM interface is int 10.4f10/bl=0 (check) or 1 (set mode bh).

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