Hi Bob,

> downloaded "fdbasecd.iso" What I don't understand is why FreeDOS offers
> me the "Run FreeDOS from CD-ROM" option only when there is no partition

This is indeed strange. It should always be available. But note that
the "basecd" simply does not have a full preinstalled DOS, it is more for
installing DOS to harddisk. You can either use one of the bigger ISOs:
www.freedos.org/freedos/files/ says that fdbasews already has a "livecd".

The basews ISO is 49 MB while basecd is only 8 MB. You can always abort
the install process even on the small basecd, but then you only get the
minimal DOS which is preinstalled on the basecd to make it possible to
install the rest of DOS to harddisk.

What you probably DO want is a simple DISKETTE distro. You can
burn that to a cdrom with the "make cdrom bootable" functionality
of your cdrom writing software. SUGGESTION: Could somebody make
an ISO of a diskette distro for people who do not have such a
function in their cdrom writing software?

Note that you cannot use simple ISO editing tools to change files
inside the virtual diskette of a bootable cdrom. Instead, you need
a diskette image editing tool such as WinImage or Linux mtools.

The best way to edit "virtual diskette" bootable cdrom is to edit
the diskette image and then use it to make a fresh bootable cdrom
(or ISO image) instead of trying to edit the virtual diskette
while it is already part of some ISO or cdrom.

Rugxulo is making a nice very diskette distro here:
http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ the current version
has 2 diskettes with lots of useful DOS stuff, so
you have to delete many files to make space for your
BIOS flash stuff :-). Later versions will be 4 or 5
diskettes (extra docs, extra nonsmall apps such as
mpxplay, extra non open source apps). The first two
diskettes are both bootable and both open source :-).

Maybe somebody can make a mini-ISO and mini-diskette
with only the minimum files (kernel, command com,
himemx from japheth.de...) for people who want to make
their own custom boot disks for BIOS flashing etc?
Would be nice... Thanks :-)


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