Hi, I just noticed that there is a FreeBASIC.net update:


- better QBasic support with -lang qb option: Better SCREEN, RND,
  ERASE, PCOPY, INPUT support :-)

- better cross-platform portability, but default binary of the
  Windows version now only supports Windows and DOS targets...

- various fixes and extensions, for example for COLOR, truecolor,
  mixed other stuff, input / line input in graphics modes...

- a bunch of bugs got fixed :-)

Several patches seem to be by "counting_pine" and "v1c", whoever
they are :-) Other patches are by cha 0s, DrV, jeffm... :-).

To get the free BASIC 0.18.2b compiler for DOS, Linux or Windows:
(b means beta version, but it still sounds good :-))

There are also free IDEs (programming environments, editors)...

FreeBASIC is open source, and you can get the source code here:

Enjoy the new version :-) And thanks to all the FreeBASIC people!


PS: Jemm386 5.67 is available. Some UMB/ROM scanning tuning and
better startup and exception/error messages mostly, it seems.
In addition, UDMA and UDVD got merged into UIDE by Jack. Both a
driver for fast harddisk access and a CD/DVD driver and cache.

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