Hi all,

I accidently found McShell previously unknown to me (as it nearly
disappeared from the net).
I did put some screenshots here:

and a link to the binaries here:

The owner of the product is Mike Manning, I wrote to him regarding
licensing issues. He wrote he would probably be interested to take off
with the development again together with the peoole of boot-land.net
if there is interest / time enough.
Though he can not release the source but says that the development of
additional drivers / applications is possible. (McShell is his
property and offers it for free.)

I wrote these for your information.

Here is a short description of the capabilities of McShell:


*       CDRom Player with UPC Catalog feature

*       View & Print ZIP, ARC, ARJ, EXE, LZH & SIT archive files using Drag & 
        feature. View BMP & PCX files and use them as your back drop.  Small 
        files will auto-tile when used as the background for your Desktop.
        More Image formats to come!

*       Print Manager,  Spools files to print queue where they are sent to the
        in the background, allowing you to continue working.

*       Built in Disk Format & Disk Copy.  No longer needs to use the utils that
        came with DOS.  Added bonus... You can make multiple copies of a single
        disk and format multiple disks.

* File Finder that will search every drive on your system at once for a
  single file or group of files.

* View & print the contents of the 5 most popular archive files including
  ZIP, ARC, ARJ, LZH, SIT, and Self-Extracting EXE's created by PKWare and
  LHA archivers.  Then unzip them with a double-click of the mouse!
  NOTE: Optain & copy the files: pkunzip.exe, pkxarc.com, arj.exe, lha.exe
        and unstuff.exe into the mcshell directory to view these files.

* Get Info on Any file or folder.  Just Click the right mouse button on
  the file's Icon and select the "Get Info" option from the menu.

* Change a file or directory's attributes
* Print sorted contents of directories, just drag folder to printer Icon
* Print contents of any Window with hot key
* Format and copy disks! Make up to 999 copies or formats in one sweep!
* Capture entire screen or portion of screen to PCX or BMP file
* Copy, move, print, or delete single or selective groups of files and
  directories using Drag & drop feature with lassoing capabilities.

* Create Application Icons (buttons) for any or all applications for quick
  access from the desktop. (these are called Aliases in the Mac World)

* Run any program with arguments right from desktop, Even Windows Apps!
* Assign permanent arguments to applications, then use them for other
  purposes as well using Drag & Drop

* Associate files with multiple Applications
* Drag & drop files on applications or Aliases to run
* Drag & drop files through folders & drives for copying

* Smart Trash Can!  Gives you second chance to recover deleted files!
* Multi Window interface!  Lets you access multiple Directories with a
  Smart-Window feature that remembers it's contents, size and position.

* Event sounds... Uses Wave files from Windows!
* Assign Sounds to every file or group of files
* Play Audio CD's in the background.
* Hi-Res video modes with 256 colors, Up to 64K with extra drivers!
* View PCX & BMP files
* Desktop Patterns, Wallpapers and Bitmaps with Auto-Tile for small bitmaps
* On-Screen Clock
* Multiple pages of Desktops, each retaining their own custom settings
* Customize your system with control panels for the mouse, fonts, disks,
  colors and more...

* Option to Quick launch Applications or free ALL memory which ever the
  application needs

* Quit Windows from the McShell Desktop
* Close All Windows Option
* And Many Many more!


Best regards,

Christian Simonyi

url: http://www.aurora.homelinux.net/

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