Hi John,

> I have a Power Mac 5400 with a PC Compatibility Card installed

... and neither booting from CD nor with Smart Boot Manager worked
but finally the "put ISO on c:" style did work ...

Maybe the CD drive or controller is not PC compatible?
Also note that a boot CD also has flags which say on
which CPU they boot (multi-CPU arch is possible, too).
I guess your PC compat card does not support CD boot?

> C:\FDBOOTCD.ISO ... and a normal installation began.

> can someone tick off a list of updates to the various base packages
> in the 1.0 distro?

A nice starting point is a list by Rugxulo:

He uses it for his updated FreeDOS diskette distro:

This distro has 2 bootable diskettes with all FreeDOS BASE
components and many other small tools, and a third disk
with closed source add-ons such as emm286 (sic) and unp.
The third disk also contains 4dos. A fourth disk could
contain mpxplay and further docs for the other disks.
Still on the TODO list is a collection of all the source
packages for the open source components. Would be cool if
somebody could contact Rugxulo and help with that :-).


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