Jim Hall wrote:
> Hold on a sec. I was never able to get your GUI to run, so I did not
> know about the Microsoft logo. Why was that ever put on your program's
> boot screen to begin with?
> Now I'm starting to wonder about what's going on. What did I mirror to
> ibiblio? Please tell me more about how you started the WinDOS program.
> I need to feel comfortable that this isn't some derivative of the
> Windows code leak a few years ago. I've removed WinDOS from ibiblio in
> the meantime.
Oh dear.  Jim, I think you have done exactly the right thing.  Until the
code is clarified it's important to be cautious.

Oscar (the author/distributor), please don't be offended.  It is
important to clarify the status of the code and project to make sure
that there is no problem in legally distributing it with or for FreeDOS.


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