Hi Jim,

> I would rather create a system that doesn't specifically rely on
> ibiblio as the install source. Yes, it's our primary site. But there
> are other mirror archives of the ibiblio files...

That was part of the point: Ibiblio has high capacity servers
and there are even regional mirrors of it.

> references to pkg (exe) and spkg (src) files as, say, "choic44x.zip"

People who google for "choice" will not find it that way...
But it is a good idea that you suggest subdirectories:

> + pkgs/
> + base/
> + choic44x.zip

> One more thing: I think the pkgs and spkgs for the update server
> should be assumed to be different than the zip files that we upload to
> ibiblio. A pkg and spkg have a particular meaning; they contain a
> particular directory structure.

You are right, but it would be good if we could move towards a point
where all files have that directory structure. Otherwise, it will be
the exception, not the rule, that a downloaded zip file can be used
for updating. For all "normal" files, people now are forced to unzip
to a temp directory and spend time to sort the files to put them in
the right directories in their installed freedos.

> But the FDUPDATE program will be downloading these files using
> wget to a DOS filesystem.

Suggestion: wget -O choicex.zip http://foo/bar/choice-4.4-binary.zip

This also makes sure that you have a "static" name of the
downloaded file (does not contain a version number) and also
a "readable" name (does contain the full name "choice") after
the download and a readable name including a readable version
number on the server :-).

Remember that it is useful if people can find a package with
google. Bonnie probably has a lot of experience with this
when she tried to find new downloads of various packages...
She would not have found a "dkcp0815.zip" when looking for
"freedos diskcopy".

I hope Mateusz can implement a system where the URL is no
longer required to contain the target 8.3 filename.


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