Hi David,

> I booted the install disc and got it mostly done, but I'm having
> difficulty setting up TCP/IP. The config script detects the laptops
> onboard ethernet port (Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC)
> and attempts to connect to my router's DHCP server and appears to hang
> there...

You can set up the networking manually, but I do really recommend
to do a plain offline install - which is also a lot faster. You
can configure your network manually later, it is not strictly
needed for installation. After all, DOS is no Ubuntu ;-). Just
make sure you unselect the network related packages:

"I would recommend to install without network, see:
You can find a list of internet-using packages here:

For manual setup, you edit the wattcp.cfg file on the
installed system later :-). There is an interactive
setup thing in the installer, but there you cannot
enter a DNS server IP, so it is kind of pointless?

I hope Blair Campbell will provide a howto for fixing
the interactive setup and for manual edit of wattcp.cfg,
although the latter is semi self explaining ;-).

> Since the DHCP client never finishes, the install script can't
> go to the next thing to do. I was hoping I could specify the IPs
> and netmask manually to avoid the DHCP client's hanging.

> Can FreeDOS print to a TCP/IP connected LPR server?

Dunno, many Linux packages were ported to DOS with the DJGPP
GNU C compiler and C libraries for DOS. For example there is
a DOS version of the command line tool smbclient for Samba.
I think it was on mik.mkw.ru/dos-stuff/ :-).


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