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>> is there, it's the "Year's End Edition":
>> http://www.bttr-software.de/forum/forum_entry.php?id=2808
>>    http://www.japheth.de/dwnload4.html
EA> PS: There is also a new edition of my CPULEVEL tool -->

     Let me too announce update for one my small utility:

KEEPTIME v1.2 - Backup system date/time to time stamp of file

[1.2, 2007/12/01]

+ date now shown with verbose description for month and day of week.


Syntax: keeptime <filename-to-store-time>

KEEPTIME stores system time to time stamp of given file (and creates
file if it absent) or restores system time from time stamp of file
if file time newer than system time. KEEPTIME highly useful for
computers with occasionally (or when computer turned off) cleared
clock - KEEPTIME should be runned there at least at startup (in
autoexec.bat) and before shutdown (to keep most modern time).

Example: keeptime keeptime.com
Errorlevel: nonzero if system time updated from file time.

KEEPTIME also may be called to view current date and time - in DOS
shell is none such native possibility, whereas DATE and TIME commands
require user intervention or redirection. To eliminate disk accesses
when KEEPTIME used for date/time view, may be used fictive device
driver like NUL.

Example: keeptime nul

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