Hi Ron,

> I am going to boot from the floppy drive so what do I need to do to
> boot from my floppy drive? Do I still need the CD in the CD drive?

Well there is a special boot diskette for systems which cannot
boot from CD. This diskette then continues booting with the CD.

But the normal case with a normal boot diskette is to boot the
diskette, without using any CD :-). You can get a "normal" boot
diskette on the rugxulo.googlepages.com page - actually there
are 2 disks which are both packed with DOS stuff :-).

If you want to work MS DOS 5 style, then you should know that
MS DOS did not come on CD either ;-). Of course you can edit
the autoexec and config, but it is hard to edit them when they
are embedded in a diskimage in a cdrom...

Because your harddisk uses only NTFS, no FAT, it is harder to
accidentally damage files on your harddisk :-).

Which were the 2 statements that you had to skip?

Something you may want to try is booting DOS from USB stick.
It is not exactly simple but if your PC is relatively new it
will have fast USB drivers in the BIOS and of course the USB
flash stick has more space than diskettes and is writeable.
Check the web, I think for Windows users the easiest way is
to use some tool from HP to install FreeDOS on a stick :-).

> make it do anything. Why can't it load SHSUCDX from the CD so this
> file or program is the loader for the other files FD needs to run
> right?

SHSUCDX is a driver (actually half of a pair of drivers) which
you need to open files on the CD. Loading a kernel is black magic
so you can do it even if you are not able to load other files.
So... You could use magic to load the kernel from CD, but then
the kernel cannot use more magic to load SHSUCDX, and without
SHSUCDX, you cannot load any other file from CD...

> So SHSUCDX has to be somewhere else beside the CD
> say it could be on the 3 1/2 inch floppy right and that would
> solve that problem right. If so I'm closer than I thought.

Sort of. If you boot from a diskette (or from a virtual diskette
which is part of a CD, to make things more confusing), and that
diskette contains SHSUCDX and stuff, then you can load those
drivers. The DOS which you have booted from diskette can then
open files on the CD, which is useful because you have lots of
space to put files on the CD :-). I think the Rugxulo diskettes
already load SHSUCDX by default...


PS: Even if your BIOS has USB drivers, you often have to connect
the USB stick before you boot, or even boot -from- the USB stick,
otherwise the BIOS will not give DOS a "drive letter" (actually
something more raw than that) and DOS will not see the stick...
Unless of course you load a DOS USB driver other than the BIOS one.

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