Fabien Meghazi schrieb:
> At last ! I found the correct packet driver for my network card ! Yeepee !
> I've got wattcp working ok. I can use ssh, lynx, ...

> 1) NFS :
> The best for me would be to mount a nfs share to a drive letter on my
> dos station.
> It would be the ideal solution but I could not find an nfs client so far.
> Does someone knows if it exists ?

Always look up Michael Bernardi's great list of internet applications at:

Beneath <http://www.tsoft.net/software/nfs/download.html> see also:
There's also a Mini Howto for it at 

Never tried it myself.

> 2) SMB :
> I tried the msclient with no luck.
> Besides, I heard it uses a lot of memory and I guess it could be a
> nightmare to setup
> with the different smb versions out there. So I dropped this option.
Many people use MS Client with success to share files between a DOS 
and a Windows machine. To share files between a DOS machine and a 
Linux file server running Samba (that's what you use, if I understand 
you correctly) you have to configure Linux Samba to use "security = 
share" instead of "security = user" (which is the default and much 
more secure. You probably should not do that if your fileserver is 
connected to the internet). Look here for a german description and an 
example smb.conf (although that one looks a bit too complicated IMHO): 

MS CLient has to use the TCP/IP protocol to work with Samba.

> 3) RSYNC (over ssh ?) :
> Has rsync been ported to dos ?
Never heard of it, sorry.

> 4) HTTP:
> This is what I currently use, I drop some files on the /var/www of my
> file server and I fetch them
> with lynx on my dos box or with wget. Of course I would like a better 
> solution.
> 5) FTP :
> Well I've got an ftp client on my dos station but no gui. My goal is
> to have an easy way to browse
> files on my file server, not by using an ftp command line driven
> client. Is there any ftp client with a
> file commander like gui ?

AFAIK Arachne has a sort of ftp client built in. Wasn't there also an 
APM for it?
Minuet <http://www.fdisk.com/doslynx/minuet/> also has a graphical ftp 

I always used ftp the other way round: I ran a FTP server on the 
freedos machine and logged in with filezilla from Windows. I used 
EZNOS2 and  ftpsrv32 from the Watt-32 applications (more stable but 
slower, download at 
<http://www.filegate.net/utiln/utilnet/wt32apps.zip>) as ftp server.

Sorry, my FreeDOS Box is down at the moment (needed the harddisk for 
something else) so I can't experiment with it at the moment.
(Yes, there's a backup ;-) )


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