I hope there are some NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) fans around ;-)

I released a second version of my iNES editor, named "MiNES". I wrote MiNES 
because I needed a portable iNES editor that would allow me to change the 
PAL/NTSC bit of iNES headers. MiNES acts accordingly to the Marat Fayzullin's 
specification, and take care to not change any unused (reserved for future 
use) bits. That way you can be sure that it will not broke your ROMs (unless 
you do something stupid), and preserve compatibility with future versions of 
the iNES format.

The current MiNES version is much more than just a dumb header editor - it 
computes the ROM's CRC32 and uses an internal database to guess the game's 
title and correct header settings.

MiNES is primarily written for DOS, but I made Windows and Linux versions too.


Mateusz Viste

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