Simon Townsend wrote:

>  We're trying to produce an EXE file to drive a Moxa RS485 card.
>  We've managed to get Borland Turbo C 2.0 to compile a large model test file 
> without error, but we need to link to an OBJ file provided by the 
> manufacturer of the card.
>  How do we tell the Borland development environemt that we need to link to 
> this OBJ ?
>  We know that the object file contains the externals we need, because if we 
> TLINK to the OBJ at the command line they get resolved, but if we link at the 
> command line, printf and various other parts of the C libraries aren't 
> getting resolved, and just linking to CL.LIB wasn't enough to resolve all the 
> externls that seem to be needed.  It will probably be simplest if we can find 
> out how to do it from within the development environment.

Manufacturer's OBJ file should came with a description of requisites.
There must include a list of libraries needed to link with. If no list
provided then will be hard to know which libraries are needed.

Guillermo "Ñuño" Martínez

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