Thanks so much for your reply.  I'll try the new kernel.  FYI, I got the link 
to that boot disk from, which is linked near the 
top of


Hi! :-)

> I am using the following code using interrupt 25h
> (and a similar write function using interrupt 26h) to basically
> determine if there is a disk inserted in the floppy drive:

Hmm looks okay... al=0 cx=1 dx=1 bx=offset data int 25 sp+=2 jc...

> The code works perfectly with Dos 6.22, but when running FreeDOS, it
> never even tries to access the drive. I'm using the FreeDOS bootdisk
> that I downloaded from
> Any ideas?

Yes. That disk is ANCIENT. Please notify the webmaster of whichever
homepage still links to there that the page is outdated... Did you
try the kernel on yet? :-)

The int 25 call uses al=0 for drive 1, cx sectors starting from 1
(note: "0 = highest sector"?) and ds:bx buffer location... It may
be possible that our disk caching is too eager about boot sectors,
or maybe you fell into an old "if it is not plausible, invent one"
issue with our older kernels? Do some testing with newer kernels
and with other sector numbers and let me know :-).


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