This is one of the 3 things that i can't get working fully!
(others are Audio and USB)

My Packet Driver: *Besides being falsely Autodetected by Crynwr* Is 
Downloading slower then the internet speed.

Here's my Info:

(note: i'm on a laptop, so most things are integrated, not upgradable 
like desktops with PCI)

1.8GHz Celeron Processor *2002*
Intel PRO/VE 100Mbps NIC
1Mbps DSL Line
1 Router
Setup as e100bpkt 0x60
WATTCP.CFG is good.

Under Windows 2000, *Dual Boot\Same partition*, my Downloads hit 180 to 
~200KB/s *Normal for this speed, i'd imagine*
Under FreeDOS, *Using both arachne and wget\fdupdate*, Downloads hit 10 
to 15KB/s

I've tried downloading the file 1 time on each OS, both hit same speed! 
*i did same file because servers farther away are  bit slower*

I don't know what's Wrong.

any answers is greatly appreciated

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