Hi Eric

After spending some 8 hours or more on trying to make 
A bootable CFC I have given up. I cannot see an advantage to using FreeDos.

All through the process of making the CD, booting from it
and then creating a floppy, my confidence in it as a stable alternative
to MS-Dos depreciated.
For Example:
My desktop has 2 HDD, and the first has a partition.
        This partition (my D:) was the only drive Fd could see.(as C:)
My desktop would boot to a floppy, but (using the same Disk Drive)
        the Industrial CPU wouldnt.
My Laptop completely spat the dummy, when I tried to boot from CD.
The CFC just sits there with "FreeDos -" flaching cursor.

It may be a tool in a very specific environment, but not mine.

I am trying the LBACache as per your suggestion and evaluating
it, to see what if any advantages there are.

But, regardless, I have appreciated your time and willingness to help.

Jan van de Poll
Technical Manager
Compu-Weigh Pty Ltd

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