I don't see enough information about the FreeDOS 1.1 upgrade process.
What softwares will be included? 
How are those softwares organized? 
What the users may expect to find and use?
Instruction, presentation, etc...
I have several programs I want to be enlisted in this upgrade, but I don't know 
how and to whom.
> > Hi Michael,> > > How is it [FreeDOS 1.1] coming along?> > A crucial part of 
> > the work for 1.1 is putting all> packages which got updated since 1.0 into 
> > zips in> installable shape. In other words, download them> from their 
> > author's web pages and make 2 zips with> our standard directory structure, 
> > one without the> binaries and with the sources and one without the> sources 
> > and with the binaries (I personally prefer> if BOTH zips contain the docs 
> > etc).> > You can see which updated zips are already there at> 
> > http://mateusz.viste.free.fr/fdupdate/ and you can> contact Mateusz to help 
> > by giving us more zips.> > You can see which versions are available (apart 
> > from> by going at all homepages, maybe fdupdate missed an> update from time 
> > to time) by looking at our LSM list> of packages / URLs / maintainers / 
> > versions / ... at> http://www.freedos.org/freedos/software/ - I suggest> to 
> > provide packages ONLY for "base" updates for now,> so we can at least have 
> > FreeDOS 1.1 BASE soon :-).> > You can also find a collection of various 
> > nice updates> which are not yet in "FreeDOS installer / fdupdate /> fdpkg 
> > compatible" shape, as well as a nice 2-3 diskette> distro with all the BASE 
> > binaries but no docs etc at> http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ - Rugxulo also 
> > depends> on your input: To make a proper distro, we have to put> all 
> > sources into an extra download so whoever downloads> the Rugxulo distro 
> > also has an easy way to download the> sources for it - the GNU GPL license 
> > requires that. The> URLs for the sources are already available in one 
> > file:> http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/fdpkgnew.txt If you want> to help, 
> > please contact me - I might do a part of those> downloads myself, then we 
> > can split the work :-).> > As you see, how close FreeDOS 1.1 is mostly 
> > depends on> how many volunteers we find for helping us to get there!> 
> > Thanks in advance for your help everybody :-)> > Eric
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