I am Alex Fira from Romania, I quit using Windows XP about two months ago. I 
have been experimenting with Linux for three months. I have Internet under 
Mandriva and Ubuntu.
  Under Freedos (Run from the live CD) I cannot configure PPPoE connection. We 
have fiberlink from RDS in Romania, PPPoE without a modem. Please help !
  This is how PPPoE connection for the RDS Internet is set up under Windows. 
Under Linux it is much different. Please send me info about how to set up the 
connection under FreeDOS. 
   Also, I have a very weak PC at the office. There Internet connection is 
established automatically if there are drivers for the ethernet card, unlike in 
my case. At the office the provider is UPC Astral. But Arachne just cannot 
connect. Should I install special drivers for the ethernet card ?
  Please help !


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