Eric Auer wrote:
> Hi :-)
>> I always use dosemu with the large vga12x30.pcf font which my old
>> eyes can see.
>> Apparently dosemu is trying to use an 80x25 screen that won't fit.
> True, but usually it is better to use a BIOS style font anyway...
>> How could I use stty to specify an 80x23 screen?
> Try this in DOS, using the graphical xdosemu:
> MODE CON lines=43
> MODE CON lines=16
> The first line selects EGA 350 row mode and the second
> line selects 8x16 font, giving you 80x21 chars of text.
> If you now maximize your DOS window, it should be quite
> easy to read :-).
> Eric

Hello Eric.

Thanks very much for your suggestion above.  It worked perfectly to give 
me a 78x21 screen.  Perhaps the missing two characters were crlf.

I see you wrote mode - very nicely done.

The screen is now perfectly readable.

I used to know about EGA back in the 70's or 80's but don't remember 
what an EGA 350 row mode means.

Does the second line use some magic and select the font below which is 
on my Kubuntu laptop?

The 8x16pcf font appears to be about the same as the vga12x30 I was 
using but I can't see why.

Thank you for your help on this and some time ago on Nansi also.


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