Hi Anton,

> I don't quite  understand  what -bp means,  but  the  default
> buffering mode doesn't use interrupt decoding, while with -bp,
> as the readme.txt says, "decoder runs on INT8".

Hmm okay maybe this means that mpxplay without -bp does not
get the right notification that the buffer runs empty, could
be some IRQ or DMA configuration issue. With the -bp mode,
I guess that mpxplay just refills the buffer on every timer
tick, at least 18 times per second, so it stays filled :-).

> Now it enters the VIA mode  even  if  it's  not  specified  in
> commandline options, but I remember when I  was  playing  with
> BIOS settings the were configurations when this mode had to be
> forced [with -scs VIA ...] it does detect VIA if I use -sct ...

> > Does the "viaaudio" tool help with that volume setting problem?

> No, not at all. It's silent regardless of whether I load it
> or not. So I am not sure it's a volume-setting problem...

I would assume it is one because SBPro mode behaves as if
everything works - so it probably sends the data somewhere
but you do not hear anything, typical for a volume setting
or muting problem. Unfortunately I have no idea what else
beyond viaaudio and a normal volume or mixer control tool
you could use. And if SBPro mode is silent in mpxplay then
I guess it is also silent in your DOS games...


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