Hi everybody,

before I can give a fresh cutemouse to the main
cutemouse homepage on sourceforge, I would need
some translation updates. Please get the 2.1b4
zip, update the msg file for your language and
send me a zip with ONLY that updated msg file.
If your language is plain ASCII, you can also
cut and paste the text in a mail :-). Thanks!

now has an updated cutemouse21b4-jwasm.zip - do
tell me if files are missing or outdated :-).

Known issues:

- you need JWASMD from www.japheth.de and TLINK
  and MAKE from (free) Turbo C 2. Would be nice
  if somebody could edit the makefile to work with
  the open source OpenWatcom MAKE and linker :-)

- JWASMD seems to be picky about DOS extenders
  and DPMI. Works in DOSEMU but hangs every 10
  invocations or so: alllang bat sometimes fails.

- ctmouse.txt needs updates. Would be cool if one
  of the people on this list could figure out what
  in this file needs fixing: it describes 2.0 now.

I hope that the other files are more or less okay now.

So... The translation issue. Cutemouse comes with
i18n messages (and precompiled binaries) in twelve
languages: Brazilian German English Spanish French
Hungarian Italian Latvian Dutch Polish Portuguese
and Slovak (Portuguese differs from Brazilian...).

Only the English messages are up to date. In all
other translations, I just used cut and paste to
insert the English versions for the following:

E_needvga       db 'No VGA? Use older CTMOUSE if you need EGA RIL',nl,eos

  db '  /O       - enable PS2 and BIOS USB wheel detection (might hang)',nl
; 2008: made /Y (ignore MSys) the default and introduced /M (enable MSys)
; db '  /Y         - do not try Mouse Systems mode for non-PnP devices',nl,nl
  db '  /M       - try *old* Mouse Systems / Genius for non-PnP mice',nl,nl

Note that ; denotes a comment, so I only need fresh
translations for the /O and /M help and for the error
message E_needvga. To help you with the translation:

Ctmouse 1.9 and 2.0 tried to support EGA and older
graphics cards by providing the RIL interface. This
means that DOS software is expected to use this and
not direct hardware access to update EGA registers,
as those are write-only in EGA... On VGA and newer
graphics cards, registers are read/write and RIL is
no longer needed. Software which fails to use RIL
can interfere with ctmouse cursor drawing and cursor
drawing can interfere with your non-RIL software.
So... In short, RIL is disabled in ctmouse 2.1 and
this means ctmouse 2.1 needs VGA or newer hardware.

Software which does use RIL should see that there is
no EGA or no RIL. It will then fall back to direct
hardware access. Only software which does REQUIRE RIL
(which works only while ctmouse 1.9 or 2.0 is in RAM)
will have a problem with the ctmouse 2.1 driver. If
you know such a software, please let me know.

About the /O and /M options: Only a few DOS apps do
use the mouse wheel, but ctmouse wheel mouse search
is a bit shaky. So the default is to not even try
to find a mouse wheel unless you use the /O option.

The /M option is similar - very old MouseSystems and
Genius mice use a special protocol which cannot be
detected in a "plug and play" way. This can mean that
if you let ctmouse try this protocol, it will try to
use your modem or even your unused serial port as a
mouse. Bad idea ;-). So the new default is not to try
that ancient protocol... In short, cutemouse behaves
as if you always use the (now ignored) /Y option,
"do not try MouseSystems" unless you use the new /M.

Thanks for translating :-)

I hope to be able to replace the "prints PS/2 debug
messages during init and mouse on/off" part of this
ctmouse soonish, but before I do anything to what
cutemouse DOES, I have to fix what it SAYS and then
give a proper version 2.1beta4 to the official page
at http://cutemouse.sourceforge.net/ - which needs
your translation and proofreading help. Thanks!


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