Hi everybody,

to celebrate three events of the past weeks:

- FreeDOS birthday
- Independence Day
- French National Holiday

... you can now enjoy three updates for FreeDOS:

- graphics
- devload
- cutemouse

Please have a look at the updates and let me know if the
docs are okay and whether the updated features behave well.
Thanks for checking :-). The updated driver versions are:

CuteMouse (ctmouse) version 2.1beta4


- less picky about PS/2 device detection, to support Dell Inspiron 1501
  touchpad (as ctmouse 1.9 but not 2.0) which supports no int 15.c204.

- new /O "enable wheel detection" and /M "enable old mousesystems mode"
  options (old /Y "disable old mousesystems mode" now silently ignored)

- ported from TASM to JWASMD (various docs and diffs included)

- versions with and without PS/2 debug messages included

- docs should now be up to date, please check!

- added notes about UART usage and DOS apps which support the wheel

- updated more than half of the translations: Please help translating
  the /O and /M help text and EGA message to Spanish, Hungarian,
  Slovak and Latvian to complete the collection :-)

Note that JWASMD, a WASM variant with MASM .asm support, needs
the HDPMI32 DOS extender in your PATH. See www.japheth.de ;-).

Thanks to Alain, Mateusz, Roberto and all others who helped :-)

Graphics version 2008 (in progress)

(moved www.coli.uni-saarland.de/~eric/stuff/soft/ if you like it :-))

- new /9 "9 pin printer" and /X "print whole width in one chunk"
  options for ESC/P2 Epson compatible printers: They can now use
  180x180, 120x60, 120x72 and 60x72 dpi. HP PCL uses 300/600 dpi

- changed HP PCL canvas size to 7.2 by 9.6 in to have more margin
  on 8.25 or 8.5 by 11.7 or 11 in A4 or letter paper and (!) to
  have "rounder" factors between screen and printer pixel counts

- changed ESC/P2 canvas sizes to 7 1/3 by 9.6 or 9 7/9 in to have
  more pixels to print to and (!) to have rounder factors between
  screen and printer pixel counts: Note that this means that 9 pin
  72dpi will no longer fit if printed on 24 pin distorted to 60dpi

- upped ESC/P2 "block widths" to 1/2, 1/4 and 1/6 paper width
  (less overhead for control codes and may reduce artifacts)
  and added scaling result caching to speed up ESC/P2 a bit

- changed printer I/O to be less picky: the "busy" bit can mean
  "working" and is no longer treated as "does not accept data"

The idea with the block widths is that wider blocks can cause
more overhead for the printer CPU but narrow blocks can mean
that the print head movement is more uneven on older printers.

The idea with the factors is that the moiree effect caused by
the "printer pixels per screen pixels" factor being non-integer
is now more "high frequency": The artifact patterns are smaller,
typical period length 2-6, sometimes 10, 12 or 35 pixels, which
should look more "sharp" on paper. Note that the previous, 2003
(!) version of GRAPHICS used the opposite strategy of trying to
have smooth / large artifacts - probably better for smooth high
color images but worse for your typical EGA VGA MCGA screenshot.

Thanks to Oleg and all others who helped :-)

Devload 3.21


- ported from ArrowASM to NASM with help of NoMySo

- updated licence information, message texts and docs

- /H option to load drivers into UMB now checks how much RAM the
  driver actually wants, making it possible to load drivers high
  even if your UMB space is limited. EXE headers help with this.

Note that drivers without EXE headers, when compressed with UPX
or similar tools, look smaller than they are. This could mean
that DEVLOAD tries to load them into  too small UMBs  and they
will fail to stay in RAM. Load earlier or load without /H then.

Thanks to Roberto, Michael, SHA-1 and all others who helped :-)

Happy DOS to you and have a nice week :-)


PS: Let me know if you want to help with some diskette and font
experiments, in particular "USB stick as diskette" and diskette
change versus cache and disk tools (kernel and cache related).
The font thing is about a DISPLAY driver with low RAM footprint.

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