Hi all,

I hereby announce FreeDOS EDIT 0.9a (the sucessor of EDIT 0.7d).

The big change about the 0.9 series is that it is now based on FreeDOS
DFlat+, which is a user interface development toolkit, that has
actually been excerpted (and continued) from EDIT. Thus, if you ever
happen to see another DFlat+ -based application, you should expect to
see a similar usability and look and feel.

THe list of changes is huge, although most are internal and do not
reflect in functionality. However, I may have introduced several new
bugs, so please, let me know if you find them. You can grab it here:


However, for EDIT 0.9a I have commited also some user-oriented
changes, specially in the way menus and submenus are handled. Here you
have a list of changes:

(*) SmoothMenus: in short, what changed in menus from Windows 3.1 to
Windows95 with respect to mouse behaviour. Also:
- adapted keyboard behaviour: Esc and left arrow do NOT close the
entire cascade, etc.
- submenus are no longer restricted to the application window area
- clicking outside a menu closes it
- when an option is disabled, it no longer beeps (only closes the pop-up)

(*) Changed: in the Search/Replace box, the case-check is off by default.

(*) Fix: yes/no boxes admit arrow keys

(*) Fix: Open/Save as boxes no longer admit Esc as a valid character

(*) Fix: when opening a file with tabs, the WatchIcon loked the mouse.
No longer happens.

Happy Edit'ing, and bug reporting!


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