Thanks Eric!

> [when running MODE CON CODEPAGE ... you get this?]


>> invalid opcode at 000B 0000 0002
>> 03C8 259F 044E 2AEB 0667 034A FEF8
>> 0000 0000 0647
>> kernel from Rugxulo:
>> autoexec.bat:
>> @echo off
>> set TZ=X)Y)
> Do not set TZ, it confuses info-zip zip and unzip.

oh, interesting... i didn't know that

>> prompt $p$g
>> set path=a:\dos
>> set LANG=PT
>> lh DISPLAY CON=(VGA,,1)
> Maybe vga,437,1 instead? LH makes no sense without emm386...

actually i would use it with 850 cp which pt-br, it seems to 'run
better' with no value
ie: if i try to use display con=(vga,850,1) the screen get a strange format
i mean, words appear just the 'half to up' part  a la strikethrough char...

and yeah, i just forgot to load(and say that) himem ou xmgr(from uide)
works :)

>> mode con codepage prepare=((850) a:\dos\ega.cpx)
>> mode con codepage select=850
>> a:\doskeyb br,850,a:\dos\keyboard.sys /ID:275
> Try MKEYB instead, just in case.

let me see, but keyb works fine here

>> lh fdapm apmdos
> Try without LH

would lh impact fdapm?

>> config.sys:
>> screen=0x12
> Try without SCREEN...
>> dos=high,umb
>> buffers=15,0
>> files=100
> That is VERY much. Maybe too much.

uhm, Alain is using in this way
i hope/wish he knows what he does :)

>> fcbs=4,0
>> country=055,850,a:\dos\country.sys
> That probably only has effect with the unstable kernel branch.

so, it won't work on Rugxulo's kernel?

>> also, i can't execute fdapm coldboot
>> and some other softwares crash
> Maybe broken ram? Bad

my mistake here i 'dd'ed' a floppy...
now solved :)

>> ie: edit
> Edit 0.7d or edit 0.9a?

edit 0.9a which still crashing in a random way :(

>> btw, i was looking at display and mode to update my floppy
>> and it seems display 0.13 is incompatible with mode 2005may12?
>> is it correct?
> Dunno, try the one from floppy distro?

just forgot it.. ehehe :)

>> also which mem extender should i use now?
>> it seems Jemm is better/only supported?
> Well jemm386 and himemx is more classic than jemmex.
> I think jemm386 and himemx are better than emm386 and himem.
> But you may have to do more work to get a DOS friendly and
> hardware compatible config, emm386 / himem were more DOS-ish.


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