2008/9/21 Geraldo Netto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>> lh DISPLAY CON=(VGA,,1)
>> Maybe vga,437,1 instead? LH makes no sense without emm386...
> actually i would use it with 850 cp which pt-br, it seems to 'run
> better' with no value
> ie: if i try to use display con=(vga,850,1) the screen get a strange format
> i mean, words appear just the 'half to up' part  a la strikethrough char...

Geraldo, the parameter here is to describe how your *hardware* is,
which is most likely to be 437.
If you put a 850 there, you are saying that your hardware already has
850 encoded, and thus you wouldn't ever need to use MODE CON.

>>> ie: edit
>> Edit 0.7d or edit 0.9a?
> edit 0.9a which still crashing in a random way :(

EDIT 0.9a is quite a different animal from its predecessors, and I
could have introduced a new bug, could you please say if you happen to
find a pattern to make EDIT 0.9a crash, and wether the bug is
reproduced in EDIT 0.7d?


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