From: "Jim Hall" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I've attempted contact with Microsoft on several occasions through the
> years, asking various people if they could re-release an old MS-DOS
> under an open source software license. I last tried as recently as a
> month ago, with the guy from Microsoft's open source lab, but he never
> responded.
> That no one has been willing to continue this discussion past a few
> emails says one or two things about the topic. Either:
> 1. Microsoft is not really interested in the effort it would take to
> do a close review of all the source code to MS-DOS, so they could
> release it under an open license. Possibly this includes
> previously-licensed code from third parties for use in MS-DOS.
> or,
> 2. Microsoft has some dirty secrets in the source code to MS-DOS.

That's not new. OS/2 lovers (including myself) were request to IBM to
release OS/2 Warp as open source but they always rejected arguing
they don't owner all the sources. Then we request only the kernel but
they answer the same but adding that some code from the kernel is
owned by Microsoft, even IBM confessed they tried to "buy" Microsoft's
OS/2 code several times but MS always rejected.

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