2008/9/28 Eric Auer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi Aitor, Hans,
>> > a 286 or newer processor). If EDIT or KEYB fail on your 80186, try
>> > EDIT 0.7d and MKEYB, which should work even on 8086. Or use no
>> > keyboard driver at all (if you use US keyboard layout). Let us know
>> > if you find other programs which do not work on 80186 processors.
>> FD-KEYB is supposed to work on 8088 (although not reports yet), where
>> MKEYB does NOT, because MKEYB relies on some BIOS int15h...
> Oops sorry I remembered KEYB and MKEYB exactly the wrong way round!
> Thanks for letting us know that EDIT 0.9a is compiled for 8086 :-)
> I did not mean to "make your programs bad" - more trying to say
> "if X should fail, you could try Y instead"...

What made you suppose that EDIT 0.9a was not compiled for 8086?

Amongst the different options you have your favourites (JEMM over
FD-EMM, MKEYB over FD-KEYB, etc) and such. What is dangerous is that
you barely say: "these are my favourites", but "these are the ones you
must use". At times, even not being real what you say, as was the


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