Hi Tom,

>>>> relevant bit of code from kernel readkey / ConRead / KbdRdChar:
>>>> - if AL is returned as E0, return AL as 0 if AH is not 0 else

>>> the BIOS will never return E0 as the char code

AL is the ASCII value, AH is the scan code. And in my tests,
the cursor keys returned "ASCII E0, scancode depending on key"
so E0 can be returned. Special key combos such as right alt q
(altgr-q in qwertz: @ sign) return ASCII 0, scancode depending
on key if no German keyboard driver is loaded...

So what is CON supposed to return when a cursor key is pressed?
In the current kernel, the keypress is ignored, I would say.

I also wonder whether Cyrillic keyboard drivers would actually
return "ASCII E0, scancode 0" in some situations - which seems
to be what the kernel expects them to do.

Unfortunately I was unable to convince MKEYB RU to activate the
"Cyrillic shift state", maybe somebody can tell me how that is
supposed to work. Something related to right ctrl apparently?

By the way, the kernel will probably show that ASCII E0 if you
use Alt-2-2-4 to enter that character (using the numpad digits).


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