Travis Siegel wrote:

> Has anyone fiddled with this kind of a setup?

Google is full of this.

> I have a laptop (ibm a30) and from what I can tell, it has an AC97  
> chip in it.

More accurate:

DOS itself doesn't know anything about audio. So it doesn't need any
audio drivers. Applications or games wishing to playback sound have to
program the hardware directly (or use commercial libraries). This is a
very expensive (time and/or money) task, so usually only AdLib,
SoundBlaster, and Gravis UltraSound hardware is supported.

According to the specs the CS4299 audio chip of the A30 is not
compatible to any of the above standards, so you're (currently) out of luck.

Japheth (< told some month ago to write a driver
to turn your AC'97 device into a SoundBlaster card, but this is a
difficult task and unfortunately I don't see any progress there.

More information about sound in DOS:

> I've not had much luck trying to get the sound working in this machine  
> (or the network, but that's another issue/email) and I was wondering  
> what I can do to get this to behave itself.

If you have an Ethernet Daughter Card
installed, Intel PRO 100 drivers could work. A good DOS networking
tutorial is available at <>.

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