> ac97 driver for dos:
> http://schneegans.de/computer/dos-soundtreiber/

This page has 2 drivers:

- Creative SoundBlaster SB PCI64 works with
  ES1370 drivers linked there

- VIA onboard AC97 chipset supports Adlib/OPL3
  with VIAFMTSR linked there

Problem with this:

Many cards from "short after ISA bus" are PCI
with perfectly working Adlib/OPL3 hardware,
for example CMedia or ForteMedia FM801 chips.

This however does not give you SB16 DSP, and
those chips used workarounds which stopped to
work on newer mainboards such as PCIe boards.

The VIA chipset has hardware which is close
to SB16, and you can enable something in the
BIOS (!) to activate it. There is also some
small VIAAUDIO "driver" but this only switches
off the mute and turns up the volume setting.

However, the VIA chipset has no Adlib, so the
VIAFMTSR simulates it... For similar reasons,
SB Live and SB PCI soundcards even simulate
everything! Nice thing is they work on every
mainboard, bad thing is they need EMM386 and
not all games can co-exist with the simulator.

Last but not least, the schneegans page will
not help you for generic AC97. You might be
lucky and find some SBLive / SBPCI family
soundcard which can be connected to your PC.


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