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> Subject: [Freedos-user] Dumb question about 'xcopy'.
> Here's a dumb question about the 'xcopy ' command: I have a
> source directory called 's', and a destination directory
> called 'd'; Both of them are in the same directory, say 'c'.
> If I do: cd d, then xcopy s /s /e, I get a "cyclic error";
> but if I am more explicit and use(again from inside 'd'):
> xcopy c:\s /s /e, then it works perfectly.
> Is this a quirk of the 'xcopy' version in FreeDos, or do they
> all do it? I mean if it's cyclic in the one case,
> it should be so in the other?  kurt   <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

Is there as subdirectory 's' inside d?  That would explain it.  Or it may not 
be finding an 's' subdirectory in 'd', which what you're telling it to look 
for.  I've found that xcopy works much better when I use full paths, rather 
than trying to use relative paths.


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