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> Eric,
> actually, I tried to put the 98 on top of the FreeDos *both ways*, once from
> FreeDos, and another time with a
> bona fide 98 floppy boot image, which I had put on a cd (iso image, etc.).
> The latest thing I tried was to first
> load the fdos to 'c', reboot, then reboot again off the 98 cd boot cd. Then
> I xcopied the works to the 'd'
> logical drive, reformated the 'c' drive, installed 98 to that, then from 98
> copied the works(fdos) back onto 'c'.
> Of course, the same result: could not load the cd driver, since the drive
> letters get bumped making the par-
> titions.  I'm going to try again with 98, then fdos, and going to windows
> with sys c command. TNX, kurt.

Hi Kurt:

I've been following this thread with some interest.  I think it's simpler to 
just install
FreeDOS in its own partition.  You can use a boot manager to select which OS to
boot at startup.  My favorite, because it is very easy to install and 
configure, is
GAG (gag.sourceforge.net).

Eric disagrees of course.  :-)

You could create three primary partitions and install FreeDOS, MSDOS, and

Let me know if you have any questions. For partition fiddling, I usually use a 
Linux LiveCD and a program called gparted (see www.sysresccd.org if you
are interested).

Good luck.


Mark, KD4D

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