> devload /a d:\fdos\bin\xcdrom.sys /d:thing

You can also say in c:\fdconfig.sys or c:\config.sys:

device=d:\fdos\bin\xcdrom.sys /d:thing

Only if there is no fdconfig.sys in C: then
FreeDOS will use config.sys instead. So if
both files exist, FreeDOS uses fdconfig.sys
...useful because you can leave config.sys
untouched, for example if Win98 uses that.

> devload /a d:\fdos\bin\shsucdx.com /d:thing

You cannot devload COM files, only SYS files
and some special EXE files. So to load SHSUCDX
you simply say, at the prompt or in autoexec:

d:\fdos\bin\shsucdx.com /d:thing

Devload is only for drivers that you would
normally load via (fd)config.sys, and it is
often easier to load them in (fd)config.sys
without devload :-).

> original error message refers to shcdx33a

Probably just a short name for shsucdx 3.3a :-)


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