> Eric, I followed the following steps
> 1.    Format CFC on PC as FAT not FAT32
> 2.    Wrote FreeDos bootable image to it with WinImage
> 3.    Booted with CFC
> 4.    FDisk, Delete partition, Create Primary Dos partition, Answer "Y" to
> Fat32 support.
> 5.    Format C:
> 6.    Sys C:

Why did you install DOS 2 times, first FAT then FAT32?

> I think some of my problems were caused by Kernel32.sys

You need a "32" kernel if you want to use FAT32. If you
use FAT16, you do not need a 32 kernel but it should NOT
cause problems either. Please make sure to use a current
version, for example the "fat security" updated one from
http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ ...

> Simply sticking to Kernel.sys and the
> procedure above solved the problem.

Note that the booted file is always  kernel.sys
unless you tell SYS to use another name. If you
want to use another kernel, simply copy it to C:
after SYSing and rename it to kernel.sys there.

> PS: I never knew that CFC's have a preset FAT system

Depends on the size. One CF card I bought had FAT32,
but another one was not even partitioned. Same for USB
sticks - some have FAT, but larger ones have FAT32 or
maybe NTFS, you never really know ;-). CF and harddisk
sometimes have FAT32 or NTFS, some come unpartitioned.


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