> As long as I remember on MS-DOS format /s is the
> same as use FORMAT and later use SYS.
> Transfer boot sector, hidden files and command.com

Actually when you use FreeDOS FORMAT /S it will
just do a normal format and then call your copy
of SYS. So it even requires the presence of SYS
in your PATH :-). On the other hand, I recommend
running SYS separately. That way, you have more
choice / control over SYS command line options.

In theory, you could also modify FORMAT to write
a bootable boot sector even if you do not use
the /S option. Then you can do FORMAT and copy
a kernel.sys (not hidden in FreeDOS :-p) and a
command.com manually and no longer need any SYS.

However, that would make FreeDOS FORMAT somehow
specific to FreeDOS / would add some complexity.


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