Hi Kurt,

Please do the following:

- put c:\fdconfig.sys on what both Win98 and FreeDOS call C:

- edit the SHELL or SHELLHIGH line in c:\fdconfig.sys to use:
SHELL=D:\FDOS\bin\command.com D:\FDOS\bin /E:1024 /P=D:\fdauto.bat

- now you use d:\fdauto.bat as the "autoexec.bat" for FreeDOS

- Win98 can keep using c:\config.sys and c:\autoexec.bat and
  c:\command.com for itself, they can be the Microsoft files :-)

- all FreeDOS files *except* C:\fdconfig.sys can be in D:\FDOS\ now
  (depending on how you boot, kernel.sys can be on C:\ or D:\ here)

- remember that BOTH fdconfig.sys and fdauto.bat can contain PATH
  setting commands, make sure to replace "C:\FDOS\BIN\" etc into
  "D:\FDOS\BIN\" and so on there ;-)

> I again tried putting the fdconfig.sys in drive 'c', first with the
> c-oriented version; then with the d-oriented version.
> Also tried editing the autoexec.bat in 'd' drive to : "cfg=c:\fdconfig.sys";
> everytime I execute autoexec.bat in 'd',
> exactly the same thing happens; "action taken apmdos","bad command or
> filename","bad command or filename".

You can also hit F8 at boot to do things step by step so you
can watch what happens / in which directories things go wrong.

> Finally, I realized that if I completely remove 'fdconfig.sys
> from both 'c' and 'd' drives, that is, everywhere,

Then FreeDOS will use c:config.sys which is the Microsoft one.

> and again execute the bat in 'd', there is no difference
> whatsoever!  This means that the autoexec.bat completely
> ignores the fdconfig under these circumstances

How do you execute it? By typing d:\autoexec.bat at the prompt?
That is not the way you would normally run it... If it is not
automatically run from (fd)config.sys then you might miss part
of the configuration that it expects to be present, too...

> (fdos not in 'c') but the config in 'c' is empty, it being in w98.

Empty? Not sure, but note that Win98 and FreeDOS use different
syntax for some of the config.sys commands! If there is no SHELL
line in (fd)config.sys then the default is to run C:\COMMAND.COM
which should be the Microsoft version and that is not FreeDOS :-p

> So, where does the bat get "hijacked" to, and why does it
> not happen when the fdos is installed in 'c'?! I mean
> for a fact, the bootup options are in the fdconfig!

See above... Note that /P=FILENAME is only one of at least two
ways to tell FreeDOS command.com (FreeCOM) to use another file
instead of c:\autoexec.bat, see "command /?" and the dos docs.
Also note that Microsoft command.com ignores /P=FILE options(?)


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