> Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 16:14:10 +0100
> From: Michael Reichenbach
> Subject: Re: [Freedos-user] DOS Compatable Soundcards in PCI?

< snipped >

> Creative cards have one advantage: creative made the old
> soundblaster
> defacto standard and there cards where not "100%
> compatible", them are
> "the original". Their PCI cards have very
> accurate emulation. For me
> also working very well for any EMM386 compatible one.

true. i will not debate the superiority and leadership of creative soundcards. 
i still have two which i still do not want to let go of even if they are not 
the high end SB's (ct4810 and the other based on ensoniq chips). 

if user already has sbpci, then by all means use it. otherwise, try something 
cheaper but less frustrating to setup like the ESS, even if it can only emulate 
sbpro (T4).
> Why a creative PCI card should not work in some fully
> functional motherboard with PCI?

"fully functional" only if windows drivers are present. it is a fact that pc 
hardware manufacturers have moved away from dos since ten years ago. so, even 
if dos drivers are available for the sbpci, the motherboards may introduce new 
problems. google for "sbpci dos" and problems with making it work in dos come 

1. sbpci is picky on irq settings. if it worked, then something else is most 
likely broken since dos apps/hardware aren't built for irq sharing.

2. sbpci is dependent on emm386.exe. some apps don't like emm386. some users 
don't like emm386, reserving the umb instead for other tsr's.

i'm not a programmer/engineer, so i don't know how to explain the technical 
> Esstech cards don't need drivers and work with
> motherboards without BIOS
> emulation support? Sounds interesting. How can this work?

this is only true for ESS ISA cards as i previously mentioned. hardware 
emulation, maybe? 


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