On Saturday 04 April 2009 23:04, Jim Hall wrote:
> Including the source and binaries together certainly provides that
> every program in the "FreeDOS 1.1" distro also includes the source
> code.
> I am a big fan of this.

Great, then go! :-)

So far, we have 95 packages ready for the v1.1:

Although the BASE set is not fully covered yet. Could anyone do a check-up list 
of what still is *required* to be packaged?

It seems that dropping the "separate source and binary" way of thinking will 
require some developement of FDPKG, as it is making the explicit distinction 
beetween "source package" and "binary package". Example: I installed yesterday 
the package "xgrep", and FDPKG registered it for some reason as "XGRES" (source 
package of "XGRE").

Doesn't sound like a hell to fix, but I have no idea how to do it by myself... 
Is there anybody who's confident enough with FDPKG source code to be able to 
modify it?
Blair? ;-)

Best regards,
Mateusz Viste
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