Hi gang,
I had to do some programming on the DOS human performance tests that I 
wrote after a considerable break. I had downloaded FreeDOS 1.0 a while 
ago and fortunately hadn't gotten around to installing it until a few 
days ago. When I tried to recompile some code, the compiler started 
throwing errors like:

Can't open file c:\bc\lib\emu.lib

even though the files were all there with no access restrictions. The 
command line compiler gave similar errors, as did the command line 
linker. As about the only thing I had done was to install the new 
version of FreeDOS, I laboriously copied the essential Borland 
installation to an ancient laptop that I use as a lab machine (using 
1.44M floppies!). This had the same version of FreeDOS that I had 
replaced. Sure enough, the compiler worked again and I got the 
executable. I don't know what went wrong, but perhaps this will uncover 
something that can be fixed for the next release.


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