Hi Kurt,

FAQ www.delorie.com/djgpp/v2faq/faq18_9.html answers exactly that :-)
Basically it is as in normal hooking of interrupts but the FAQ also
mentions that you may want to disable disk swap for that handler.

The guide part www.delorie.com/djgpp/doc/ug/interrupts/hwirqs.html
also tells you how to outportb(0x20, 0x20); to ack the IRQ... there
seems to be a glitch in the guide, it says outpotb(0x20, inportb...).


> This is old hat to most of you,but: Say I'm running a c++ program,
> compiled with djgpp; it makes a 32-console type executable. Now, if I
> want to break into the running c++ with, say, a mouse click, or a tap
> of a key, how do I service the interupt? Even from real-dos mode, I 
> don't understand how to address the hardware/interupt locations; for
> example would a dos type disk editor(pts104=DE) enable me to reset
> 'words', and how do I figure out these locations/addresses? Yes, it's
>  most basic stuff, but since the days of 8080 and 6800, this stuff
> has gotten away from me!(it was always a hobby,timewise; now am 
> retired;time to catch up.)

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