Jack schreef:
> If you update FreeDOS, in accordance with the update list
> noted by Eric Auer, do consider adding the UIDE or UIDEJR
> driver, also XMGR and RDISK if desired.   They are avail-
> able from <http://johnson.tmfc.net/dos/driver.html>, also
>  from other Internet sources.
We'll surely add them, as they are the de-facto only usable legally 
freely distributable and good working cd-rom drivers.
I guess this means we'll be able to drop the old sets of PCI UDMA 
drivers and cdrom-drivers as well, though I can remember using some of 
them to get a more stable pci-bus set up.
(more initialisation done than standard PCI by BIOS)

Your integration with JEMM/JEMMEX is a quite nice feature.


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