Hi Bernd, Jack,

> Jack schreef:
>> If you update FreeDOS, in accordance with the update list
>> noted by Eric Auer, do consider adding the UIDE or UIDEJR
>> driver, also XMGR and RDISK if desired.   They are avail-
>> able from <http://johnson.tmfc.net/dos/driver.html>, also
>>  from other Internet sources.

> We'll surely add them, as they are the de-facto only usable legally 
> freely distributable and good working cd-rom drivers.

I agree - you could also use XCDROM / GCDROM / XGCDROM but
with UIDE or UIDEJR you get a newer version with better
maintenance and small memory footprint :-). Bernd, maybe
you could make FDPKG / installer / FDUPDATE compatible
packages for the Mateusz and his fdupdate repository? My
hope is that at some point we can throw a nice collection
of fdupdate packages over our 1.0 ISO to instantly have
an almost complete FreeDOS 1.1 ISO at little effort :-).

> I guess this means we'll be able to drop the old sets of
> PCI UDMA  drivers and cdrom-drivers as well, though I can
> remember using some of them to get a more stable pci-bus set up.
> (more initialisation done than standard PCI by BIOS)

Interesting, but using BIOS is more compatible, I hope.

What I miss in UIDE is support for BIOS Eltorito disk
access of the CD/DVD you booted from. Similar to the
ELTORITO SYS from Bart L, hopefully with similar list
of BIOS bug workarounds of which there seem to be many
in the driver from Bart ;-). That would make UIDE even
more universal for CD/DVD access in DOS :-).


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