Hi everybody,

There is a new sourceforge file release of the FreeDOS kernel:
Version 2038 is now available with OpenWatcom 8086 FAT16 and
FAT32 binaries and as source code download. No 386+ or Turbo C
binaries this time, but please email if you want / made those.

Bart is already working on features as combined country sys and
built-in country settings support and f_node free operation for
the next FD kernel, 2039 :-). Thanks to everybody who made the
2038 release possible, by using 2036, reporting bugs, writing
bug reports, documentation of patches, packaging zips etc :-)



Release Notes and Change Log:


Known but almost fixed issues:

- main.c copyright string mentions "1995-2006" ;-)

- you cannot rename things in a full root dir, 2039 will fix
  this issue which is listed as Bugzilla item 1908 afaik :-)

- partition tables are now read via CHS instead of LBA if possible,
  might cause regression bugs if BIOS / MBR CHS geometry is wrong?

- files above 2 GB size can cause problems with signedness of
  file offsets, which is easy to fix if error handling either
  uses a separate flag or uses "-1" instead of "any negative"

- maybe others

Bugs fixed in kernel 2038, in no particular order:

- handling of CHS-only BIOSes overflow / off-by-1 fixed by RayeR

- int 21.1c detection of invalid drives fixed by Tom

- CP/M call to support ancient apps, fixed by Bart and others
  (sourceforge tracker id: 2421577)

- int 21.7303 get FAT32 disk space now accepts drivespec with
  and without slash, fixing sourceforge tracker item 2380828

- assume that BIOS data cannot be before 1980, fixes y2k BIOS
  bug compatibility, Bugzilla item 1748

- truename/chdir dir bug for SUBST fixed, Bugzilla item 1862

- SYS now uses buffers when copying kernel and shell, fixes
  usability bug on single floppy systems, Bugzilla item 1840

- EXE load size handled modulo 1 MB, fixes bug caused by odd
  header of Turbo C++, Bugzilla item 1854

- int 21.29 now reports invalid drives, fix Bugzilla item 1953
  as well as SF tracker item 2362450

- use segment instead of offset for handle NULL pointer check,
  fixing compat bug for FILES alloc apps, Bugzilla item 1956

- fix compatibility with a game using 77a8 attrib in findfirst

- NUL device returns 0 bytes in both raw and cooked mode, fixes
  DJGPP SED problem. Might fix Bugzilla item 1793, please test!

- avoid f_node panic for critical error int 24 handler, by Tom

- support int 2f.4a00 callback to let a GUI replace the usual
  "change disk" message on single floppy systems

- fix MS QB4 QBasic / QuickBasic alloc double free compatibility

- you can now use the JEMM FASTBOOT option for int 19 reboot as
  the kernel now stores some original pre-DOS int vectors in RAM

- MKTEMP filenames now follow DOS 3-4/6 style unless you set the
  VERSION to 5.x, avoids compat issues with directory choice

- SYS now updates both main and backup boot sectors if FAT32, as
  some tools (incl DOSFSCK) would show warnings about mismatches

- reboot while files are open is now less likely to cause cross
  linked files, more secure FAT handling idea by Hardi Stengelin

- improved compatibility with old FCB based apps such as old GEM
  or GEM/XM versions, fixes sourceforge bug tracker item 2253450

Please verify that all bugs are fixed and check our bug archives
to see which other bugs got fixed without being listed above :-)

Candidates: Bugzilla 1753, 1793, 1658, 1779, 1814, 1875, 1923,
1828, 1956... Sourceforge 2733092 (QEMM works only with 2037?)
and 2547549 (problems booting from 1.5 terabyte harddisk ;-)).

Please report bugs, problems, suggestions, regressions etc, too.
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=5109&atid=105109
Bugzilla archive: www.freedos.org/bugzilla/ - only for closing bugs

Enjoy the FreeDOS update :-)


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