Most people find that they don't need Windows 3.x, but a lot of software
needs Windows 9x that won't work properly or at all in Windows NT and
it's variants XP/2000/Vista/7 etcetera.

One example is Warcraft II Battle Net edition.  A better example is Red
Alert Command and Conquer I.  Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone don't work
properly in freedos needing either Windows 9x's version of DOS or

I hear about people needing Windows 9x for Garmin GPS software and
Mapinfo.  Well, Windows 98 second edition is fairly unstable.  The
ME version of Windows is also unstable and the version of Dos under
it is kinda hokey I understand.  Worse, 98SE is proprietary software
which you are supposed to have a license for.  Never mind that these
days people tend to install 98SE under vmware and don't worry about

ReactOS is not a replacement for Windows on top of DOS, it is a 
replacement for NT that may never become stable.  I try to ask
what is going to get done in the next release or when XYZ is 
going to get fixed and I get attacked.  ReactOS is developing
very slowly, there are not enough developers.  It could take
years to get to 0.5.  There's no telling when 1.0 will come

So, how are efforts to replace Windows 9x coming along?  Theoretically,
freedos could support an open source replacement.

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