> Ok, I give up; I knew that linux has 'make' and 'make install' all over the 
> place,
> but, until this afternoon, I never knew that dos has it.


> While attempting to install some parts of HX and GEM to djgpp, I was struck
> by this: "use 'make' to configure the includes(headers) and libraries, and use
> 'make install' to install them in the djgpp". Never heard of 'make' in dos;

RTFM (of DGJPP, not DOS).

> went to dosbox(XP) and freedos,

Do you have DOS ?

> typed 'make' and was returned "make [option] [target]". lovely.
> when trying to google this up, nobody has this info
> (instead:"here are some of the most common dos commands")

MAKE is NOT a DOS command. Check DGJPP docs, or join DGJPP lists / groups.

IIRC the only "MAKE"  that ever ran for me somewhat was IMAKE from CC386 ;-)

~~~ wow ~~~

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