Each directory that has stuff to be built has its own (customized)
"makefile".  From the DOS command line, "cd" to the desired directory,
and run command "make" or "make install" (as appropriate).  This results
in the directory's files being built (using the information in


Sometimes makefiles may have a name other than 'makefile'.  If your
makefile is named "kurt.mak" then running "make -f kurt.mak" tells the
make command to use "kurt.mak" rather than "makefile".







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Yes, I prettymuch get that, but for instance that djgpp hack someone
mentioned; it has a file named
'makefile', but in what directory should it be placed? I mean, there are
*several* files in these distros
named 'makefile', so without messing around with the path, if I
explicitly use make -f makefile,
(or possibly changing the name of *that* makefile), does this makefile
have to be in the same directory
as the target; also 'target' means the end result or what is going into
the end result? Finally, 'make install'
never goes on the command line, but is always a line in the

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