First, I'll apologize for not using the '>snippet' approach; I have some
mild disabilities and "word processing" tasks irq me for some strange
reason. I will try to be concise; as for "potential customer",
if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right, for love or money.
This comes into play because
of the generally poor documentation of many packages, especially those maybe
ported fron linux,
where I agree the whole 'make' scheme works well, because it was invented
there decades ago.
Here is a case in point: I took a directory of the GEM distro, moved it into
c:\djgpp\bin, and tried
'make';  still got"no makefile present, no target defined.", even though the
makefile of the GEM directory
itself was sitting in the cwd; then I explicitly used ' -f makefile' , and
this made make.exe proceed;
however, the first time it reached into another make statement inside, the
usual "no makefile present,
no target defined". This means I would have to edit every line in every
makefile and 'submakefile', to
use the ' -f' switch. When you think about it, this, if feasible, would be
more work then trying to do
things manually!. Which brings us to the next point: A huge part of the
excersise is the merging of
libs and includes; so, I tried simply copying the headers from GEM into the
include directory of djgpp,
and ditto with the libs; I went to "examples", got a nice little 'hello
world' type of .c file and tried
compiling it on the command line. It started to work, but bounced because of
missing #includes;
Then found a few of the missing ones *scattered* around the GEM distro but
*not all of them*; end
of compilation. In fact, these dependancies seem to be scattered all over
the universe.
Finally, I would LOVE to obtain binaries for things, since by definition,
everything is there, and it
saves me the compilation. However, there are no such binaries for what I was
trying to do, which
was simply to integrate parts of GEM into djgpp to write *apps* for the GEM
GUI, which at the moment,
it nedds lots of(in order to be a functional replacement for windows?).
Since beginning I have seen
some critiques of make(on the web) as to how screwy it can be, even in it's
home country,LINUX!.
Bottom line? No make for me thank you; if it can't be done with
batfiles,etc., or manually, I just won't
mess with it.--kurt<>.
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