Hi Brad,

> I've been trying to get FreeDOS to boot up from a floppy and have
> been having horrible troubles with it.  I downloaded the Odin floppy
> image.  I can get Bochs v 2.3.7 to boot up that image so I know that
> it works.  But when I use diskcopy to copy it to a real disk, I can
> no longer get Bochs to boot it, or get a real machine to boot it up.
> It goes until it says FreeDOS then stops with a blinking underscore.

Sounds like you copied from one disk size to another.
Maybe ODIN is not 1.44 MB? It is also old, try the
newer http://rugxulo.googlepages.com/ distro, first
disk should be enough :-).

> I have then tried to copy the bootsector to the correct location and
> then copy in kernel.sys, autoexec.bat, and config.sys, which I
> understand are the only required programs for it to run, and it
> doesn't run either, it hangs up in the exact same place.

The boot sector only helps you if it contains a correct
description of the filesystem and disk geometry etc...

You can use tools such as OSCHECK and DOSFSCK to check
some properties of your filesystem and boot sector :-).


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