bcp...@gmail.com wrote:

> I'd like to write an Intel HDA driver for SCI games (Sierra quests).

Great idea :-) Do they use some separate (ISA SB 16) driver file ???
Real mode or DPMI ?

> I consider myself a good programmer, but I've never made any
> low-level programming or debug DOS programs.

You need PCI programming at first. About debugging, use FreeDOS DEBUG (RM),
deb32 (DPMI), BOCHS (lowest level but it doesn't emulate HDA AFAIK :-( )

> there any book or information on the net I can start with?

PCI and sound programming ??? MPXPLAY source, "PCI" source, ...

almen...@gmail.com wrote:

> It's strange. I've got 2 PC's with Intel HDA and MPXPLAY only works with 1.
> A desktop with D915GEV mainboard: It works!
> A laptop Dell Inspiron 6400: It doesn't work!

Good, but please report this to MPXPLAY author ;-) Also, use the "PCI"
tool and report the results.

> I think the first one is Intel ICH6 and the second one is ICH7 but I am not 
> sure what it means.

HDA starts with ICH8 or not ???

Eric wrote:

> You could at least use dosemu :-p Much faster

Faster what ??? Booting ???

> as well, in particular if you want to take the tough route of
> creating universal virtual hardware instead of a Sierra driver.

Why not an universal driver for HX ??? Or a Sierra driver, if they had
one for ISA cards :-)

> For debugging, I recommend using DOSEMU or

UI1DEB (works in DOS)

> Creating virtual hardware can be very hard, but if I understand
> you correctly, Sierra games already have some sort of interface
> for loading custom sound drivers?

Then forget the "virtual" nonsense ...

> Then you can split your task in two parts:
> Write something which makes any sound on HDA and
> can be run from the command line. And write something which does
> anything with the sound sent by a Sierra game and which can be
> loaded as a Sierra driver. For example the latter can blink some
> pixels on your screen or can use the PC speaker (port 61h) - any
> noticeable activity will be enough to show you that your Sierra
> driver does properly receive sound data from your game... The
> command line thing could for example be based on MPXPLAY sources
> and can play any simple noise you want - a sine, maybe with some
> frequency sweep over time, will do perfectly


~~~ wow ~~~

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