Hello Blair,
 Recently I downloaded the fdfullCD, from the freedos webbsite....I had posted 
some questions, to the mailling list, also Eric, but later I noted when the 
disk boots, it says 
if one has troubles, to e-mail you....
 I seem to be haveing alot of trouble installing it...it boots ok..and starts 
the installation ok, how ever always at some point..it freezes, saying error 
95... the one time I got almost everyithing installed...or appeared to be..the 
dos editor would not work..on that I got error bad CRC, b1de97eb should be 
ebf22a97.... ok,...well to start how could I change the autoexec, and 
config.sys...if the editor dosent work?...
 The CD seems to be good, as if I run freedos (ODIN) from the cd everything 
works well.or seems too....so the problem seems to be in how it is 
  I realize some of the trouble is I dont know much about this stuff...but I am 
Since I do not have internet at home...I can not just conect..and ask a 
question when ever I have a problem..I am useing a internet cafe at this 
time...so any way. since the Cd seemed to work fine..from the CD..I got the 
idea to
just copy all the directorys and files to a USB memorystick 
(kingstondataTraveler 4gb)..
 I used windows explorer to do this....ok I need to back track a little...first 
I formatted the memory stick...useing the formatt/s...from odin on the CD..then 
tested the memory stick..
and it booted well... so I closed the particion where I putting the dos 
(odin)..and switched back to the particiont where  I have windows..to run 
windows (vista)xp....and useing the explorer, opened the cd, copied each 
directory and sub directory,Ect..in the same order
...to the kingston....Well to my surprise, it works good...every thing 
works...when I boot with the kingston.....all I had to do is adjust the 
autoexec and configsys for me..
  How ever copy the Kingston to the hard drive..did.. not work
well it dose sort of, but has to be done almost one file at a time....I lost my 
patience on that...so I just copied  the packages/base to the hard drive...then 
unzipped all the files..
..and ODIN is running ok the editor, also the CD drivers..and Himem...and I 
dont get the bad CRC...stuff...However I am still wondering why the CD cannot 
install like it should...the error 95...sorry this note has gotten kind of 
long....if you want, and respond...I will be happy to send a more detailed note 
on the errors I got..,ect.......I am also sending a CC of this to the mailing 
list..I dont know if anyone will be interested or not. anyway if not the dont 
have to read it.
 The one thing I am lacking, is I dont have any sound yet....I have a Game (Pac 
Man) that
uses Sound blaster,...Useing the DosBox..in windows...the game runs well, and 
has sound....how ever that is under windows..I have sound, and music,ext...
 on the particion where I am putting Dos, I still am looking for a sound driver 
that works under ODIN ..or Dos...Sound Blaster,or imitation...if anyone has any 
suggestion or info
on this....ok well that is all for now...hopefullt I hear from you or 
somebody...if not, well thats ok..I wont keep bothering you all..as I am sure 
you are busy and so am I ..
any way thank you much..for makeing the software,freedos ,ect available.....and 
dont get me wrong...it is great software...just depending on the person..for 
example some one like me..it is kind a hard to figure out how to use it..(the 
software)..ok well thats all for now..

    Garry Ricketson
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